Advanced Trap Settings - A Botman Feature

Botman was built to give control back to the Advertisers as it's always supposed to be - it's their so called 'Birth Right' 👊

We understand that, the traffic generating from a specific source isn't fit for certain Advertisers, on the contrary it can do well for lot others. It all depends on the demand and the type of Ads.

A Publisher usually sends traffic from many sources, which also determines the quality of the traffic and as a media buyer you don't want to be a part of this foul play.

So, with Botman we wanted to pass the Torch of control back to the Media Buyers. 😎

The 'Advanced Settings' Tab in Botman now gives you outright control on the incoming traffic as per it's kind & origin.

How Advanced Trap Settings work?

The Left hand columns contain your Publisher Ids along with the clicks generated from each of these Ids.

And the top column lists all the Traps, grouped based on their type.

All you need to do now is click on the boxes to enable the traps against each publisher who is generating traffic that doesn't match you demand.

For Example:If Publisher A is generating 30% of the total clicks from Botnets. You have to enable the Botnet trap for Publisher A to block those non-human traffic.

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