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Meet The Botman Team

AdRight is an innovative online advertising network that focuses on delivering the best in-class results to our Partners. Our network today serves over 500M ad impressions daily and is trusted by thousands of Advertisers and Publishers. Due to such high volumes of traffic passing through our network it made sense to have a strong Ad fraud solution integrated with our system.
We met the Botman guys in a tech conference in Bangkok and the partnership took off from there. We have been using their solution for over 6 months now and are happy with the filters/traps they have for Pop and Push traffic scanning. They always keep their system updated with new filters and are very accommodative with custom developments, customer support is great too. We are consistently seeing a drop in IVT entering our network now and are able to act fast when publishers try to send us fraudulent traffic.

Leon Koutakos
Head of Operations, AdRight

OnwardClick and our sister company EnContext Advertising have used BOTMAN for over a year now and while it took a bit of time to adjust to its multiple option for the scoring of traffic, the effort was definitively worth it.  With the option to score using over 30 different traps and many more sub-sets of traps we’ve been able to avoid most false positive that we saw with other solutions.  Furthermore, thanks to BOTMAN’s team openness explaining and adjusting traps we’ve been able to score traffic with a high degree of precision.  This was very much welcomed and something that is an unknown with many of their competitors since, often, scoring is a “black Box”.  I highly recommend BOTMAN as a scoring solution.

Jean Touboul
CTO, OnwardClick

Botman really gave us a good chance to fight against the most notorious push/pop fraud activities! The "threat" categories are vast and they covered almost everything here. Very helpful team, fast and easy onboarding process.
Options to have different levels of risk on each remote feed makes it very unique, which gives the advantage of separating the premium and non-premium demand and applying wherever you need it. The insights by IP and referrer are very useful. It has been a great experience to use Botman's offerings, this is a good choice if you really care quality of your traffic!

Ratheesh Kesavan
Head of Supply, Mobobeat


either your ads are seen by fraud bots acting as humans
or your ads are not visible to your viewers
or your ads are seen by unintended audiences

Add power to your programmatic business

Marketeers can easily control threats arising from Non-Human IVT (Invalid Traffic) , Spam IVT and Proxy IVT categories using a single panel.

Get Threat Classification

Each category has multiple threats. Block threats in each category with easy to use controls.

Don't penalize good sources

Block threats for traffic sources under suspicion. Allow traffic from the clean sources so they are not penalized.

Botman offers deeper technical integrations for developers.

Javascript Tag

A tiny and secure javascript tag can be embedded.


A secure REST/JS API can be integrated for developers to enable internal decision making based on traffic scores.


Integrate your logs for a non-intrusive analysis.

With an average of 30-40% IVT (Invalid Traffic), wasted spend contributes to a proportional loss of Ad Budget going for junk or fraud clicks.

Increase Ad Budgets

By reducing the amount of wasted spend, the nett quality of click and RoAS increases, thereby creating space for additional AdBudgets.

Monitor Realtime

Get access to real time dashboards to monitor the wastage and download actionable data to improve every next click.

Work with High Quality Traffic

Clean high volume traffic with lightening latency

Botman collects, processes & analyses patterns and behaviour from hundreds of user and environment data points and scores the request / click / impression. Whether it's Prebid oRTB, Postbid, CTV, Video, XML Push, XML Pop, In-App, Desktop, Mobile or Native, Botman provides powerful traps to capture GIVT & SIVT across inventories.

Optimise Supply & Increase Bottomline

Supply Source optimisation always delivers more & better.

Unoptimised sources of traffic can negatively impact bottom-line faster than what can be imagined. Especially with a large number of sources and their sub-sources, manual optimization is a story of hey days when there used to be a lot of men. Botman's auto-optimisation compliments your efforts, improves the supply in an intuitive manner and exudes confidence in the supply to be long lasting partners.

Discover Great Partners

Find & engage with partners having good IVT scores.

Be a part of Botman's Partner Discovery Platform, where opt-in suppliers are listed with their respective IVT scores. Especially useful for direct demand, a timely discovery can give profitable leverage across newer offers and campaigns. Historically proven, better partners give more than a 25% yield in the bottomline.

Block IVT with 60+ Traps

AdWare & MalWare Trap

Are potentially unwanted programs delivering you unsolicited traffic. Do you want this type of traffic in your branding and performance campaigns?

Geo Mismatch & Proxy Filter

Do you know, your traffic and conversions may be coming from a geography you never ran the campaign for.

Geo Mismatch & Proxy Trap

Do you know, your traffic and conversions may be coming from a geography you never ran the campaign for.

Data Center Trap

A part of GIVT, Data Center and NHT (Non Human Traffic) are software programs and non-human botnets delivering you traffic.

Click Flood & Click Spam Filter

Does your website / app get unresponsive to your real users, just because there is a flood and swarm of clicks spamming it by the second.

Click Flood & Click Spam Trap

Does your website / app get unresponsive to your real users, just because there is a flood and swarm of clicks spamming it by the second.

Fake Devices & Emulator Trap

Are "Generic Androids" and Unknown Emulators behaving like real users and junking numbers in your analysis tools.

Piracy Filter

Are shady APKs encouraging users to download your licensed content and encroaching your app / website frequently.

XML Push Traps

Are shady sources masquerading push traffic and and increasing impressions but no conversions. Un-necessary cost biting you.

Unknown Browsers Trap

Getting unusually high traffic from browsers which went obsolete eons ago. Seemingly coming as genuine and honest impressions but nothing actually exists !!

Non Viewable Filter

Are your ads not visible to the user but you are still paying for the impression?

Non Viewable Traffic

Are your ads not visible to the user but you are still paying for the impression?

Blacklisted IP Traffic

Is your traffic coming from globally blacklisted IPs.

Domain/App Spoof Filter

Is the referring domain really the domain / app it claims to be?

Domain/App Spoof Traffic

Is the referring domain really the domain / app it claims to be?

& many more..

A total of 60+ traps and growing that cater to all existing and new IVT scenarios.


Go live in less than a day

If you are unsure on your traffic sources & their subsources, this zero integration solution, improves your RoAS by 20-30%. You can either use a passthrough mode or the filter & drop mode. You can also set thresholds of allowed suspicion and time based blocking of suspect sources.

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You may have long standing & historical relationships with your traffic sources. With this solution, you can just monitor their traffic and assign a quality score to every click. You will also get a leaderboard of all your traffic sources with their suspect levels. This can be used to optimize and lift the RoAS by 20-30%.

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While running conversion campaigns, it is important to analyze the conversions (installs, leads etc) along with the source clicks. By using this solution, you can watch the clicks and conversions together, and identify conversion level frauds in a holistic manner.

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Live with AdKernel, SmartyAds, AdTelligent, Ubidex, Trackier etc.

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