Advertisers are way too much vulnerable to Ad Fraud

Ad Spends are increasing each Year in a bizarre amount as Marketeers are competing for user attention. Ad Spends in the US have already exceeded traditional spends on advertisement. A report by eMarketer also suggests that by 2023, Digital Ads will outweigh two-thirds of total media spends in the US. 

These unprecedented AD Spends are reaping profits in  billions for Companies like Google, Facebook & Amazon as around 60% of the World's Ad Spends are done  on these platforms. Among these giants, there’s one more bunch who are earning in Billions around Digital Advertising: Fraudsters with their crooked methods deceiving advertisers with fake clicks and impressions, sucking up Ad Dollars at an alarming rate.

Behind this widespread nuisance of Ad fraud are cyber-criminals generating millions of fake clicks, impressions, views, installs e.t.c, by creating intelligent bots that often a times act as legitimate online users. There are possible cases where the digital campaigns have never been viewed by humans. 

Can it get worse than this?

Unfortunately yes, all you have to do is go online and look-up METHBOT

Bots are getting smarter each day

Advertisers around the world think that these bot attacks are using basic and general methods like using Fraud IPs and can be tackled with the tech available out there. But the truth is bots have evolved a lot using the same modern tech and are now a lot more sophisticated and threatening.

More than 75% of Ad Fraud in the world is deemed as “sophisticated invalid traffic” (SIVT). SIVT sounds like Cancer and it is in many ways for the Digital Advertising Ecosystem. 

The impact of Ad Fraud is in billions. According to the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers), if continued in this - Ad Fraud will become the 2nd largest source of fraudulent income in the world by 2025.

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