Affiliate World Asia 2019 - an event that fills more than you can Slurp

Two weeks ago, we landed in Bangkok to visit one of the major conferences - AWA’19, featuring the world’s top performance marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s a premier gathering of many influential personas from the Digital Advertising Industry. 

‍This year, the land was swayed off with an immense crowd, crushing the Affiliate World record by 3,648 Global Affiliates and E-commerce Marketers, showcasing 182 exhibitors. The thirst for the AWA experience was visible - providing an eventful exposure of two days of knowledge and networking with industry experts.

On 5th Dec, top speakers arrived, ready to share secrets and growth hacks of the industry. They presented data-driven insights and innovative ideas on performance marketing and eCommerce.

Speakers and Topics:

  • Nick Shackelford – Inside the Mind of Nick Shackelford, PLUS: Live Interactive Creative Contest.
  • Savannah Sanchez – Machine Learning on Facebook: Is It Smarter Than a Seasoned Media Buyer?
  • Dimitri Nikolakakis – Scaling Systems: Pressure Testing $20K/Day Spend on our Advanced Ad Systems for the Annual Q1 Slam.

Lead Generation & List Building Lab:

  • Anthony Sarandrea – Owning the Customer: How I Built a $100K+ Per Day Lead Gen Business from Scratch.
  • Joe Burton – The Perfect Funnel for List Building with Native Ads.
  • Matt Diggity – The 6 Figure Flip Story: Flipping Your Web Property to a 14x Investment with Affiliate SEO.

Scaling Ecommerce Lab:

  • The Tan Brothers & Angus Kong – What it Takes to Build a 9-Figure ECommerce Empire.
  • Alex Tshring – How We Built One Of The Fastest Growing Brands In The U.S. With Facebook Ads.
  • Earnest Epps – How to Optimise Your Google Shopping Campaigns to Increase ROI and Minimise costs.

Unfortunately, the entire Botman Team couldn’t make it to the event this year - but we were represented by our best duo - Hardik & our Chief Deepankar.

Let's see what happened next-

At the entrance - AWA

With the pretty gal, Anne from WellHello

Old friends reunited, Taha from Total Media Ventures

With Angel & Theng from adkernel

No, we don't have pictures of the Grand Palace or Madame Tussauds - that's for next year!

We decided to be on 100% work mode throughout the event. With AWA'19 being the last event of this year, we had to make sure it was the best one and indeed it was. We look forward to more such events in 2020 - where Botman can add value by safeguarding the Digital Advertising Industry from AdFraud.

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