Black, Grey and White Lists!

In our ongoing info-series on XML PPC Ads for Ad Networks and platforms, let's talk about lists.

Lists are a series of attributes, which can make or break your revenue. Yes, the non-human blacklist, the grey list, and the white conversion list. Together, these lists give you the turbo firepower to ensure you filter out most of the crooks. The GIVT ones for sure. These lists comprise of the following:

1. The IP Address White List.

IPv4 and IPv6 address lists in the three formats. The white lists are unique and specific to every business. Essentially, the lists convert for you and contribute to revenue. 

2. The IP Address Grey List.

The grey lists are the ones that are marked suspect for wrongdoings and subsequently moved to blacklists when they cross the threshold.

3. The IP Address Black List.

The black lists are certified dynamic lists, keep getting updated hourly and keep your GIVT filter on at all times.

A few important points to note:

1. Do NOT subscribe to lists that are not dynamic. They may hurt your revenue more than what they can contribute. 

2. Ensure you have live lists from credible sources and verification companies. These companies ensure the lists are live.

3. Litmus tests. Keep doing litmus tests on these lists with test campaigns.

4. Enable white list at all times. These lists ensure you don't lose out on any converting traffic at any time. It's imperative in XML PPC Ads.

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