Botman Tracking Signatures Explained

Helps you confirm clean traffic instantly.

Find & Block Fraudulent Traffic with Proof

Get access to Botman Fraud Firewall with instant proof of clicks analysed by Botman on your Google Analytics system. You will be able to see a Unique Botman Tracking Signature added to every click passing through the Botman system. This gives you confidence that all the clicks recorded on Google Analytics are indeed clean and that is why they are passed on.

Modes of Operations

It works in both modes “Find only” and “Find & Block”

Find Only Mode - Botman Tracking Signature will be added to all clicks irrespective of they being clean or Fraud. In case of a fraud click, additional information will be added to BTS.

Find & Block Mode - Botman Tracking Signature will be added to all Clean clicks only as the Fraudulent clicks will be blocked and filtered.

How does it work

1. Enable Traps on your Botman Panel

2. Apply Botman Fraud Firewall Links to your Campaign links and start the campaigns

3. When clicks start coming in, Botman will start adding BTS to the clicks within the UTM_Term parameter

Where do I see it on Google Analytics

Just set the Secondary Dimension to Keywords within your reports. You should be able to see the signatures.

What if my affiliates/publishers add it themselves

Your concern is valid and that’s why we change the signatures quite regularly to avoid this. In any case every signature assigned will be unique in nature.

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