Botman Traps 101 - Emulators

Use of Device Emulators to generate invalid traffic and fake app installs is becoming a common practice for Fraudsters. These simulated devices are being used to commit various forms of Ad Fraud.

When an Ad is clicked or an App is installed, devices send specific signals. These signals are then collected by attribution and analytics platforms to illustrate user behavior and engagement around an action. In this case it determines the source of action (a click or installation) or if the user has already interacted with the same before.

Emulators are used to fake the same by sending signals which interpret they are from authentic/registered devices, associating actions using fake advertising IDs of devices. Fraudsters use these simulated devices to generate fake clicks, app installs or other actions.

Along with generating fake ad clicks, emulators can also do actions like launching an app (first launch) which makes the install look legitimate in attribution and analytics platforms. So, without any protection, Brands will end up crediting the Fraudster for the given action (CPI, CPC or CPM).

With Botman’s robust traps enabled, all emulator based activity can be filtered at the advertisers end meaning when the activity is traced back to an Emulator device, it’s blocked!

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