Brand Monitoring & Brand Safety

Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring is the process where you monitor various channels to find mentions of your brand and assess what is being said about it. This could include:

  • Print media, from newspapers to magazines
  • Online publications and blogs
  • Forums
  • Social media platforms
  • Review sites
  • Broadcast media

The purpose is to ultimately be able to respond and act on these mentions. It can help you gain good publicity or spot any issues.

Brand Safety

Brand safety, on the other hand, comes into the picture when you are running digital marketing campaigns across channels. In a way, it compliments brand monitoring by monitoring your ad placements on different channels and assessing them for safety.

As mentioned, it's also important to be aware of where your online ads are being shown to the users. As a brand, your brand safety guidelines may not allow the ads to be shown on torrent websites, and if that happens, it could turn out to be a serious issue for you.

With Botman Fraud Firewall, you will be able to monitor this in real-time with each click.

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