Fake iPhone and Simulated iPhone - Botman Traps 101

Paying premium prices for non-human traffic is just insanity. 

iPhone users are in demand in advertising, as they're seen as high-ticket acquisitions in the Industry. iPhone users are estimated to do 40% more conversions than any other smartphone users - which is undoubtedly a holy grail for marketeers. 

This premium advertising set is becoming a favorite target for fraudsters. They have developed various methods to exploit this segment and deceive all premium advertisers.

But we can't let the Fraudsters win!

We are introducing two new powerful traps - 'Fake iPhone, aka FIPH' and 'Simulated iPhone, aka SIPH.' These traps will enable the user to block the incoming non-human (fraud) traffic from iPhones.

About the Trap:

FIPH and SIPH are built to help Ad Networks, Premium DSPs, and Direct Advertisers who pay premium prices to acquire iPhone users but unfortunately end up receiving non-human traffic.

How do you activate FIPH and SIPH Traps?

Switch to the 'Threat Control Center' Tab by clicking on it. Both the Traps are available in the 'High Threat. Non-Human Traffic' section. Start the Fake iPhone (FIPH) and Simulated iPhone (SIPH) Trap to enable this feature.

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