Fake iPhone and Simulated iPhone - Botman Traps 101

Paying Premium Prices for Non-Human Traffic is just Insanity 🤪

iPhone users are in demand in Advertising, as they're seen as high-ticket acquisitions in the Industry. iPhone users are estimated to do 40% more conversions than any other smartphone users - which is no doubt a holy grail for Marketeers. 🤑🤑

This Premium Advertising set is becoming a favorite target for the Fraudsters. They have developed various methods to exploit this segment and deceive all Premium Advertisers.

But we can't let the Fraudsters win!! 😎

👉 Introducing two new powerful Traps 'Fake iPhone, aka FIPH' and 'Simulated iPhone, aka SIPH'. These Traps will enable the user to block the incoming Non-Human (Fraud) Traffic from iPhones.

About the Trap:

The Traps FIPH and SIPH are built to help Ad Networks, Premium DSP's and Direct Advertisers who pay premium prices to acquire iPhone users but unfortunately end up receiving Non-Human Traffic.

How to Activate FIPH and SIPH Traps?

Switch to the 'Threat Control Center' Tab  by clicking on it. Both the Traps are available in the 'High Threat. Non-Human Traffic' section. Start the Fake iPhone (FIPH) and Simulated iPhone (SIPH) Trap to enable this feature.

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