How Brand Safety helps build credibility?

As part of the digital advertising industry we know the importance of delivering the right message to our audience. It’s a Brand’s top KPI in advertising as the rest is built around that.

Today this internet era gives advertisement a reach that Brands are able to have customers in different continents. With the internet being home to a million websites and billion users, a brand is able to deliver it's message to the masses with ease via digital advertising. But every Brand has it’s ethics and a certain content category which they see fit for it's advertising needs.

What is Brand Safety?

There are websites with various types of content - news, sports, entertainment, politics e.t.c. But Brands doesn’t want any and every type of website to deliver their message. Few of the website may have fake news, political content, violence, pornography, cursed words to name a few. 

How would you feel if your advertisement is appearing alongside such content that is completely against your Brand ethics? No, Advertiser in the right mind would want their business to be tainted with such content!!

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines Brand Safety as -

It’s all about keeping brands safe when they advertise online, not letting their ads end up next to inappropriate or illegal content. If as an industry, we all stick to proper processes we can make a safe environment for ad trading. That way, we can minimize the risk of misplacement, protect the reputation of brands, and ultimately stop the unethical funding of content and services which infringe copyright.

How Does Botman Help?

Every Brand monitors various channels to find mentions of the brand and assess how it affects their reputation. This could include -

  • Print media, from newspapers to magazines
  • Online publications and blogs
  • Forums
  • Social media platforms
  • Review sites
  • Broadcast media

The purpose is ultimately to be able to respond and act on these mentions. It can help one gain good publicity or spot any harm. 

Brand Safety measures arise when advertisers are running digital marketing campaigns across channels. In a way, it compliments Brand Monitoring by monitoring all ad placements on different channels and assessing them for safety.

Like mentions, it's also important to be aware of where your online ads are being shown to the users. As a Brand your brand safety guidelines may not allow the ads to be shown on torrent, pornographic or blacklisted websites and if that happens, it could turn out to be a serious issue for the brand. With Botman FraudFirewall, you will be able to monitor this in real time with each click.

Brand Safety for Video & Display ads in the Digital age

Integrating Botman’s Brand Safety feature in your Video & Display ads is a must as:

  • 1 in 10 ad placements are against harmful content.
  • 80% of consumers will stop or reduce buying products advertised across extreme or violet content. 

Botman features Dirty Dozen Category Check, which monitors for unsuitable and potentially harmful contexts in the following categories:

  • Spam/Phishing Websites 
  • Obscenity
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
  • Crime and Terrorism
  • Online Piracy
  • Arms and Weapon

Additionally, Domain Credibility Check monitors for:

  • Parked Domains
  • Domains had think content
  • Domain registered in last few days
  • High number of ads per page
  • Gibberish website names

Our Robust Solutions for  Unsafe Video & Display:

  • YouTube Video Check- Get blacklisted channel list.
  • Display check- Block the unsafe domains before the ad is displayed.

Botman Brand Safety feature allows the Brand to avoid all unnecessary risk associated with online advertising increasing it’s credibility among the industry.

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