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A Web Browser is much more than an adjacent to the Internet; it's an interface we live in.

Among a browser's list of advantages, the chapter's highlight is how web browsers have also become a part of an advertiser's evoke set. With the power of Web Push APIs, advertisers can now use rich features like Web Push Notifications or Browser Notifications to keep their users engaged.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications are clickable dynamic content sent to our devices - mobile or desktop, by a website or a web app, even when the user is not on the website. Push notifications have risen with time and emerged as a powerful medium for websites and web-apps to get more user attention and boost engagement rates.

How do fraudsters take advantage?

All leading websites and browsers support web push notifications, covering more than 90% of the total web traffic. The question is how much of it is real and how to identify patterns for invalid traffic. The usual cases would include the analyzed IVTs with referrals generated from devices whose user-agents show signs of an emulator or fake device IDs.

Although the recent tabs of clicks we analyzed show traffic generated from iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) via Safari push notifications, in simple terms, they're all IVTs. Now, we have flagged them as IVTs because even though Safari supports Web Push Notifications for Mac OS, it's yet to provide support for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

iTraffic aka ' IT ' Trap

More than 45% of Smartphone users in the United States are iPhone users. With these numbers growing each year and web push notifications getting their fair share of attention in advertising, this can turn out to be a major concern.

But if you're already on Botman, you can take a breather. Our newly built iTraffic Trap will block all invalid traffic generated from the Safari Web Browser on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

The iTraffic Trap is highly recommended for Advertisers and Networks running web push notification campaigns, targeting iOS users. To enable the iTraffic Trap, start the trap in the Threat Control Center.

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