Obsolete Browsers - Botman Traps 101

We all know ad fraud is a multi-billion dollar bottleneck for the digital advertising industry. Unfortunately, there's one more problem that is worse: the advertisers are unaware that they are too victims.

They never see it coming.

When running digital campaigns, buying media, or trading in programmatic, many signs depict you might have an ad fraud problem. Signs such as spikes in traffic from a specific IP with no conversions, a sudden high number of clicks generating in a short period, traffic from unpopular devices, traffic from outdated browsers, etc.

Among these signs, one of the most common yet overlooked cases is fraud traffic generated from outdated browsers. There are many browsers which didn't receive an update since the year 2000 and are still generating traffic for advertisers.

Few of these browsers and the year they received their last update are:

Traffic generating from such outdated browsers are all fraud traffic emitting from click farms and data centers where such practice is expected.

How can Botman help?

The 'Threat Control Center' in Botman now gives you outright control on the incoming traffic as per its kind and origin. You can block all traffic from outdated browsers by starting the 'Obsolete Browser' Trap.

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