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Push Fraud out of your "Push" Traffic Campaigns.

Though Push traffic campaigns are still not completely mainstream but still a significant % of spends are done on it. The next option to Pop traffic campaigns is the Push campaigns. There are few verticals that have started spending good amount money on Push traffic like Finance, Gambling, Travel, Dating, etc.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications are clickable dynamic content sent to our devices, mobile or desktop by a website or a web app, even when the user is not on the website. With time, Push notifications have rose ranks and emerged as a robust medium for websites and web-apps to get more user attention and boost engagement rate.

How Fraudsters take Advantage?

All leading websites and browsers support web push notifications, which covers more than 90% of the total web traffic. The question is how much of it is real and how to identify patterns for Invalid Traffic. The usual cases would include the analyzed IVTs with referrals generating from devices whose user agents show signs of an emulator or fake device ids.

Although the recent tabs of clicks we analyzed, shows

1. Traffic generating from iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) via Safari push notifications, in simple terms they're all IVTs. Now, the reason we have flagged them as IVTs is because even though Safari supports Web Push Notifications for Mac OS, it's yet to provide support for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

2. The User agent is spoofed between a request and the impression or click.

3. Clicks coming so fast that they are not possible to come through a Human.

iTraffic aka ' IT ' Trap

Our newly built, iTraffic Trap will block all invalid traffic generating from the Safari Web Browser on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads).

FastClickers aka ' FCL' Trap

FastClickers trap will block all invalid traffic where the time difference between a Request and the Click is less than the configured value.

SpoofedUserAgent aka ' SUA' Trap

SpoofedUserAgent trap will block all invalid traffic where the UA is spoofed between a request and click.

These 3 Traps are highly recommended for Advertisers and Networks running Push Traffic campaigns. To enable these Traps, start the traps in the Threat Control Center within your Botman panel.

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