The Story of Ad Fraud Tolerance in India

Indian Advertising Industry is getting tech savvier, but that’s draining spends of digital advertisers.

A recent report from TechARC, accounted India for nearly 8.7%—that amounts to $1.63 billion (11,300 crore rupees)—of the Global Ad Frauds in 2018. 

These happen when agencies, platforms, publishers, affiliates are doing Ad-frauds like Click Spam, Domain Spoof, Fake Installs, Non Brand Safe Clicks, Invisible Ads, etc. to spike the performance of a campaign and charge advertisers premium prices.

Digital Ad Fraud affects Advertisers from all sides, affecting the returns on their marketing campaigns and brand equity. It disrupts the entire digital journey by faking the engagement and retention of customers on the website. 

For few industries digital advertising is fairly new, for example Banking, Entertainment, Health Care e.t.c. There the clients get unjustified numbers tricking them into believing they have acquired more than actual.

Although more %age of fraud happens in the App Marketing ecosystem, this doesn't mean the WEB is safe, it's now more vulnerable than before. Bots are no longer the only means of Ad Fraud; to name a few Adware, Malware, Proxy, Data Centers, Emulators etc. account up to 30% of the traffic that passes through your existing systems without being noticed and affect your Campaigns.

With Video Ads gaining most traction of all Ad Formats in the nation, AD Fraud is becoming rampant in the domain with viewability being the major concern.

As the Indian Advertising Industry is shifting it's spends to Digital. Left unchecked, the %age of fraud will only increase, and aggravate its effect on advertisers.

"Tolerance is the seed for Adversity" - Akash Saha

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