What's UserAgent BotNet aka UBN Trap?


UBN stands for User Agent Botnet. It’s a Sophisticated Bot traffic originating from bots spoofing user agent in a pattern.


A sample of Clicks are collected from the source

The Clicks are analysed to discern similarities in User Agent Strings

The UA strings are validated for insights on Device, OS Version, Browser Version, Viewport (Resolution & Pixels), Software Platform, HTML version e.t.c

Higher rate of similarity in the above parameters means that the traffic is emitting from Device Farms.

High amount of traffic generated from the latest browsers versions is also a sign of User Agent Botnets.


Once the User Agent & Referral source are identified with higher percentages of similarity it can be blocked or filtered out to avoid fraudulent data to effect the measurable ones.

Botman has developed this robust UBN trap to identify the malicious User Agents and flag them.

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