Why Does The Programmatic Ecosystem Require Fraud Detection

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising has automated the exhaustive, research-oriented process of online advertising. A programmatic advertising platform works by using machine learning algorithms on real-time data to track the best online consumer(s) for your campaign. Based on this data, these platforms identify digital ad inventory that would yield the most optimum performance.

How has it changed the advertising industry?

Programmatic advertising came into the picture in 2015 and had since exponentially increased in terms of ad spend. It contributed almost 17.5 billion USD to the digital advertising industry in 2015 and has now reached four times that value in 2020 at 70.23 USD billion. eMarketer predicts that this will only increase to 81 billion USD for the year 2021. Programmatic advertising has become an essential in online advertising, and if you’re not on the bandwagon yet, you’re missing out.

What kind of frauds has come into place in this ecosystem?

The most common ad fraud types like click injections, click spamming and ad stacking have found their way into the programmatic ecosystem. Some of these frauds are more easily detectable through careful observation of incoming traffic statistics. But for other types, it’s not that simple.

Why is it essential to get protection from these frauds?

The main advantage of programmatic lies in the algorithms that decide on the bidding price for ad inventory. However, this also means that verification needs to be done before and after every bid to ensure the quality of inventory is preserved. Pre-bid verification can be carried out using sophisticated ML techniques that check the quality before placing the bid. Post-bid verification, however, requires a bit of human analysis as well to detect unusual patterns. This type of extensive verification is time-consuming and almost impossible to carry out by the advertisers.

How can Botman help you?

Ad fraud software is constantly evolving to encapsulate all the creative ways fraudsters are taking advantage of online advertising. It’s challenging to keep up with the recent trends in advertising fraud and has become essential to invest in experts who work to do just that.

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