Click-Farms are a Homegrown Scam

Let us travel back in the time a few years from now, where Flappy Bird was all the rage, A competitive time for the app developers, not as competitive as now of course, as the design thinking has taken a major shift whatsoever.

So you too wanted to make it big in the app space, boy wouldn’t be it be great to be the top app trending on the play store.

With great expectations, comes greater growth hacks.

It won’t be wrong to understand the KPIs of an executive who is in charge of reaching the targets, be it a good rating, be it the number of downloads, but most important of all is to be deemed as the top trending app. You see that is where the organic downloads have a higher chance of increasing in its most natural course. Everything built up-to this is what I would prefer to put as “An Elephants Teeth”.

Haathi Ke Daant

Great apps are always made and are still in the making, anytime an awesome app is on play-store, it is bound to catch massive eyeballs, get the top news company to vouch for it, then comes the apps with good backing which needs some more magic ( like some better rating, good packets of mass downloads, and of-course Gods plan).

You might be wondering everything I have said so far, how is that even related to click farms, or why isn’t it a typical blog educating the industry time and time again about what ad fraud is?

My point is why would you educate anyone about any methods of ad fraud when all of this at one point was a growth hack for themselves. Its a no-brainer to think why would something like‘a room full of mobiles for increasing the downloads and rating in-turn increasing the rank’. Ooooh, I have an idea, how about I monetize this click farm for my “Peers” so now they can to reap benefits too, No how long does it even take for a smart-ass to come and make this process automated.

A room full of mobiles for increasing the downloads and rating in-turn increasing the rank

We have been on and on about AI and Machine learning and how automation is going to take jobs, the greatest minds were already automating money minting online, Here is what my point is. Ad fraud isn’t an alien attacking us from outer space, Definitely not here to invade the earth. We will stupid not to understand that Ad Fraud was always just been there as part of this industry, just that its a tunnel, when it is entering its called a growth hack, by the time its out it is a masterpiece that even the Govt want their hands on.

It would be the first time GODs might be looking down on us and thinking,
“They surpassed our marketing prowess. Money moves! without Riot? Well played Humans.”

Everybody’s hands are dirty, Advertisers are butt-hurt that their growth hacks are now a full-scale operation now used against them to just mug them, and about technologies well No controversial comments here.


“Let us be real ladies and gentlemen, conclusion is Ad Fraud is incubated by the Industry itself”

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