XML PPC Ads are being punched in the face

This post is a lot more important than it sounds. Command and Control (C&C) Bot Nets can click on XML PPC Ads more than before. They fill in the keywords, generate the clicks, and keep punching away.

Trojan attack sources, fake websites, and apps are great originators for this type of fraud. No human sees the ads that get clicked. They reside in a 1x1 pixel, stacked ads, out of the view, below the fold, etc., never to rise again.

Forget about brand safety; your advertiser doesn't even know if he is getting a click delivered from a human at the end of it.

If you need some guzzling, you can read the dark side of digital advertising. Just waiting for the fraud to happen and killing your demand is not something a network or a platform should do.

If you happen to be integrated with platforms like AdKernel, Botman makes it easier for you to monitor, block, and fallback fraud clicks or bid requests. 

We catch some interesting threats, have great testimonials, and do at least 10 billion clicks month on month.

Ssshhh!! Not to mention the best pricing across the industry. 

Do take us for a spin and try it for yourself.

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