Leading regional publisher finds 30-35% fraudulent clicks to website


A Leading regional publishing house has learned that significant number of its campaigns were not performing in terms of engagement with the content on the website and eventually hitting the metrics negatively. With help from Botman®, they are able to uncover the reason and identify the primary sources of fraudulent traffic and bring it down.


News publisher


1. Multiple sources of traffic were showing significant percentages of fraud traffic.

2. Budget spent on these campaigns were not reaping any benefits to the publisher.

Botman® Solutions

Traffic Quality Analysis

Key Benefits

1. Detected and reported back the primary sources of fraud traffic.

2. Actionable insights provided on the patterns.

3. Actionable datasets with suspected IP’s, User Agents, Domains, Creatives, Advertisers URL’s etc were provided.

Before Botman®

During the pilot phase with Botman®, the publishing house realised that few of their paid traffic sources were drawing significant rate of fraudulent traffic. Most of the sources were pushing traffic from Spam nets, Botnets, Proxy servers and DataCenters. The campaigns saw 30-35% non-human traffic - a rate that was much higher than the other sources.

Botman® began investigating the sources of the fraud and was able to identify 5 culprit sources attributing to almost 50% of the overall traffic coming to the portal.

After Botman®

Post the investigation, Botman® was able to give actionable insights and datasets to the publishing house. Datasets consists of information on Suspicious IP’s, User agents, Domains, Subsources etc. Armed with information, the publishing house reached to all of its traffic sources that were sending fraudulent traffic. It was able to blacklist the malicious IP’s, Domains, etc and reduce the fraud rates to sub 8%. Though there are small spikes of unwanted traffic at times but with Botman® present itgets identified immediately. This 75% reduction in ad fraud has ensured that the publisher is getting the most out of their digital ad spends.