OTT Player learnt a new fraud


A major player with thousands of 1-hour+ video play uploaded weekly, With over 4 million unique visitors daily. Client's Platform has a premium target audience & allow to watch the streaming post sign up to the portal.




1. The Channel Noticed a drop in the online traffic, regardless of consistent marketing and content uploads.

2. The content were original but the analytics numbers were constantly showing a drop in the viewership duration and unique users delivered.

3. Stopping malicious traffic, didn't help increase the unique user whatsoever. It wasn't clear why the optimization didn't help propel the real traffic further.

Botman® Solutions

Botman started looking into it from a different perspective.

It found a new type of fraud called the piracy fraud. Third Party referral sources have allowed users to download the Video content from the platform from pirated sources without sign up. (Note: the channel didn't have any download options).

It found the sources from where the users have actually downloaded the videos in various types, mp4, mkv, 3gp. you can alsochoose the quality from 144p to 1080p.

The volumes of downloads were generating millions of query impression for the OTT channel.

The Result

The piracy dropped approximately by 80% on the channel & any new network found was quickly blocked.