Safeguarding Brand Recognition Online


Discussed Client is a premier media conglomerate & the largest broadcasting network in India which generates more than 30,000 hours of content every year and broadcasts 67 channels.

The Problem

With the constant increase in extremist content, fake news, and brand advertising appearing next to disreputable content, brand safety has now been propelling fully into the limelight. Due to social media sharing and digital campaigns the visibility on the unfaithful websites have increased & putting questions on the the credibility of the brand identity & policy. Audience are perhaps questioning how are these popular brand ads showing up in inappropriate placements.

The Result

The client has witnessed a significant reductions in fraud from its partnership with the analysis of all the ad placements.Through preventing bids on fraudulent sites, client was able to focus on the ad spaces that would be valuable to its brand. Client has avoided the below amount of disrepute ad placements post Botman deployment.