How do you detect fraudulent ad clicks?

We use a highly developed monitoring system that will check the source against various patterns & identify the fraudulent ad clicks.

What is Ad Fraud?

Ad fraud (also referred to as Invalid Traffic) is concerned with theory and practice of fraudulently representing online advertisement impressions, clicks, conversion or data events in order to generate revenue.

Why should I use BotMan?

BotMan detects Invalid Ad Traffic, Leads and classifies them. It helps Mitigate Risk, Clean Traffic Sources & Suppliers, Improve Quality of Ad Traffic & Leads, and thereby returning Robust KPI's Improving Revenues.

Am I a victim of Ad Fraud?

In 2018, almost every Marketer is a victim of some form of Ad Fraud, be it large or small. Ad Fraud is growing at an alarming rate, according to latest statistics up to 22% - 25% of the total advertising budget for each online advertiser is spent on fraudulent clicks. If you are advertising on major search engines or procuring traffic from any source, you are most probably a victim of Ad Fraud. Ad fraud is particularly important for marketers to understand. If you don’t detect and avoid fraud, it will poison all other areas of optimization: context (brand safety), viewability and performance.

How fast will the Traffic & Lead Analysis happen?

The Analysis almost starts immediately but to show some significant data on the dashboard system requires few thousand clicks. Dashboard access is given immediately.

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