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Botman Traffic Scoring Wrapper can be used to determine the quality of a click or impression by just pasting a piece of code. The compute unit (click or impression) is analysed and a score between 1 to 4 is returned. This score is then used to take actions from within the wrapper itself. Placeholders are provided with suggested actions.


The Audience for this wrapper is Ad-Platforms / Ad-Servers / SSPs / DSPs or even brand websites who are short on development resources and want to enable instant Fraud Detection & take actions. If the idea is just to detect Fraud and display analysis in dashboard, then the Botman Sniff Tag can be used.

How it works

This script will call the Botman Scoring API and return back the Traffic Quality Score to a callback function. This callback function allows you define application logic for every score received.  For example, if the score returned is 1 , which indicates DUDD traffic (Dummy User, Dummy Device), the business decision could be , to redirect the traffic to a blank page or sink page.  


  • Callback function name
  • Redirect URL
  • Business ID
  • Sub-Business ID
  • Sampling Indicator
  • Bid Level
  • Campaign ID
  • AdGroup ID
  • Creative ID

Deployment Code

Please get in touch with your Account manager to get the deployment code or sign up at

Deepankar Biswas "Deeps"