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Using these settings, you can sample and score your supply traffic.

  1. Go to “Publisher Feed Settings
  2. Select the Click Scoring System as Botman from the dropdown
  3. Choose a sampling rate. Sampling Rate decides the % of traffic you want to send to Botman for scanning. For example, 5% would send only 5% of your traffic to Botman & rest of it would be unscored and risky, whereas 95% would allow 95% traffic to be scanned and cleaned.
  4. Choose a filter site if you have one or leave it. This is an optional setting. Botman works with both the settings.

** Filter site selection is optional


Using these settings you can score impressions of a specific supply partner.

  1. a. Go to “Prebid Sampling
  2. b.  Select the checkbox to enable the Scoring System as Botman
  3. c.  Set the % of traffic sampling you want to enable

Fine Grain Control

These settings give you powerful granular control on what you want to allow and what you don’t. For the TQ settings you enable in the AdKernel panel, you can further define what threats in that specific TQ setting you want to enable and which ones , you want to disable. 

AdKernel and Botman mapping

High TQ maps to Non-Human, Spam and Proxy

Mid TQ maps to Spam and Proxy

If you have set High TQ settings in AdKernel, you want to stop Non-Human , Spam and Proxy Traffic. For every category of traffic, there are multiple threat sub categories, which you can regulate. You can start or stop a trap to counter that threat. 


High TQ Setting in AdKernel and stop Data Center, Emulators, OffScreen, Non-Clickable Ads. 

High TQ Setting in AdKernel and stop Adult, Torrent and Spam Domain Traffic.

Hardik Gandhi