Basic FAQs for FraudFirewall

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Q1. How do you confirm that all clicks are passing Botman FraudFirewall? What if my publishers send me clicks directly?
A. We do this with the help of Botman Tracking Signature (BTS) feature that ensures all clicks going through Botman have a stamp on them. These can then be verified in Google Analytics (secondary dimension keyword). The stamp gets added to utm_term parameter and starts with the string “bts”. During reconciliation you can filter out those clicks which don’t have the stamp as they were sent to your website directly and your GA recorded them without a stamp.

Q2. How does the billing with my Affiliate work?
A. There is no change in the way you bill your publishers as the end recording of numbers is still at your Google Analytics or trackers end.

Q3. What happens if my affiliate does not accept Botman service and numbers?
A. It’s very common to reject any changes in the existing campaign setup and your affiliate may very well do the same. Irrespective of whatever may be the reason, If a brand wants to use an anti-fraud solution, affiliates should agree to it.

Q4. Does Botman help me with data sets to share with my Affiliates?
A. Yes, we do provide appropriate data sets which can then be shared with your affiliates to optimize their traffic.

Q5. Does Botman help me get refunds or present a case to my Affiliates?
A. As mentioned earlier, we can help you build a case and share the supporting data sets but we do not engage in direct affiliate interactions.

Q6. Can Botman accompany us to Affiliate meetings?
A. No, we can provide all the proofs.
Deepankar Biswas "Deeps"