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The following are the different threats which result into Adfraud and wasted spend. Botman provides traps that can be enabled for each one of them.

1. Spam Networks [SN]: Traffic emanating from Global Spam Networks. In this kind of traffic, source can be spam websites/IPs.

2. Bot Networks [BN]: Traffic emanating from Global Bot Networks. Nonhuman traffic designed to mimic users and inflate audience numbers.

3. Data Center [DC]: Traffic originating from a server in data-center or known cloud platform providers, rather than residential or corporate networks. Here the ad is not rendered in a user’s device (there is no real human user).

4. Click Spam [CS]: This is a case where large numbers of clicks coming from the same IP.

5. Good Bot [GB]: These are basically good bots which obey robot.txt directives and crawl the website to discover new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.

6. Public Web Proxy [PWP]: Traffic that is routed through an intermediary proxy device or network.

7. Known attack source [KAS]: Traffic from IP addresses known for attacks on services like Post Office Protocol[POP3] Internet Message Access Protocol [IMAP] Simple Mail Transfer Protocol[SMTP]

8. Fake crawlers [FC]: Bots that do not belong to the (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc), but they send themselves as good bots.Intention is to copy the content, increase the traffic, increase load on server etc.

9. Tor Network [TEN]: Traffic getting emanating from Tor networks.

10. Public cgi proxies [CGI]: It's more sophisticated type of proxy traffic where users are hidden under the IP address of the web server.

11. IFRAME CONTENT [IFC]: Brand content running in iFrame. This is when publisher is promoting iFrame content which is not allowed by advertisers.

12. Ghost Referral [GR]: Traffic coming from spam referrals/low-quality domain/ not reachable referrer.

13. Duplicate IP [DI]: This is when traffic is coming from duplicate IPs.

14. Scraper Bots [SB]: Bot known for data scraping, extracting the data from the website.

15. Programmatic Traffic [PT]: This is a behavior analyst in which traffic engages with the website in a very programmatic manner.

Mobile Related Traps

1. Click to Install Time (CTIT): When Click-to-install times are short which is done through Click Injection.

2. IP Mismatch (IPM): Click IPs and install IPs do not match with each other.

3. Geo Mismatch: Click time location and install time location is different.

4. Duplicate IP: High number of installs are received from the clicks that are from the same IP in a small period of time.

5. Geo Outline: Clicks received outside the target geo-location.

6. App Version Mismatch: Mismatch between the targeted app version and the installed app version.

7. OS Version Mismatch: High percentage of installs from devices which have older OS version.

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