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Botman Conversion Postback can be used to determine the quality of conversion by just integrating the postback code. This will enable sending the conversions for analysis. Botman qualifies the conversion and reports back the categories and suspect reasons.  


The Audience for this postback are Conscious and Aware Brands who want to eliminate suspect conversion traffic and Affiliate Networks who are short on development resources and want to enable instant Fraud Detection by their affiliates.


  • Business ID
  • Affiliate ID
  • Affiliate SubID
  • Affiliate SubID-1
  • Affiliate SubID-2
  • Affiliate SubID-3
  • Affiliate SubID-4
  • Affiliate SubID-5
  • Transaction ID
  • Sale Amount
  • Payout
  • OfferID
  • Session IP
  • Conversion IP

**there could be more placeholders based on the system you are using. We can add them as well to postback.

Sample Postback{camp_id}&publisher_id={publisher_id}_{source}&advertiser_id={adv_id}&click_id={p1}&payout={payout}&user_agent={user_agent}&country_id={country_id}&isp={isp}&campaign_title={campaign_title}&country_id={country_id}&region={region}&referring_domain={referer}&click_time={click_time}&device_id={p4}&click_ip={ip}&conversion_ip={conversion_ip}&conversion_id={conversion_id}&os={os}&aff_id={aff_id}&conversion_time={conversion_time}&tracking_domain={tdomain}&payout={payout}&payout_usd={payout_usd}&random={random}


Please replace the macros in the curly braces with the macros present in your platform. For the macros which are not available, please send some default value and if there are additional macros that you can send us then we can add them to the list. For example, NA or NOT_PRESENT

Deepankar Biswas "Deeps"