Traffic Scoring REST API

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Botman Traffic Scoring API can be used to determine the quality of a event. The event is analysed and a fraud score is returned. This score can be used to take business decisions in real-time.

There are multiple business use cases in which this API can be used.

Click Verification

Verify every click for authenticity. This click can be inbound to your web site , web app or mobile app.

Bid Request Verification

Verify RTB Bid requests for authenticity.

Lead Verification

Verify each lead for authenticity. This lead can be a result of a form fill or a signup form. Fraudulent attempts try to push the leads through automated programs or manual spam click farms.

OTP Verification

Verify an OTP for authenticity. This OTP can be a result of a OTP verification required form. In fraudulent cases, the OTP might be sent from spurious sources.

App Install Verification

Verify mobile app installs for verification. The app install verifications work best in conjunction with click verification.

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