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Botman Unified Sniff Tag can be used to determine the quality of a click by just pasting a piece of code. The compute unit (click) is captured for analysis. The resultant scores are then used to compute categories and suspect reasons.  


The Audience for this wrapper is Ad-Platforms / Ad-Servers / SSPs / DSPs or even brand websites who are short on development resources and want to enable instant Fraud Detection & take actions.


  • Business ID
  • Campaign ID (_cid)
  • AdGroup ID (_agid)
  • Creative ID (_crid)
  • S1 to S8 (Custom Parameters)

Please replace the respective parameters with the system macros as required.

For example _cid={CAMPAIGN_ID}&_agid={ADGROUP_ID}

Deployment Code

Please get in touch with your Account manager to get the deployment code or signup at https://app.botman.ninja

Deepankar Biswas "Deeps"