COVID-19 - Botman Business Operations

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has been unfortunate on many individuals and also have been affecting daily business operations globally.

We hope you all are well aware on the safety guidelines by the World Health Organizations to avoid COVID-19. To do our part as a Company, we have decided to close down our office space for sometime and continue our business operations with our employees working remotely.

Update on Business Operations

We needed to assure you that this recent affect in our business, will not affect Botman's role on your daily operations. So, we thought it was important to share an update with you about Botman's Product and Support Operations.

From Monday, 16th March - we have opted for mandatory Work for Home till May 3rd 2020, until any further update. We will do our best given the situation and monitor operations round the clock to address an immediate update in case the COVID-19 situation aggravates.

During the tenure of, us remotely working from home, you will receive the same tier of performance, support and service from our end with no disruption of any kind. Botman is a fully-automated platform, backed by the best security and server for 24/7 uninterrupted operations.

As of now, we also have suspended both domestic and international travel for all our employees. Rest assured, our Leadership and Management Team will ensure outright responsibility for all operations including Customer Support, Billing Support, and Sales Support with a well equipped and trained Team, working remotely.

All communications with our Team will carry on same as before, over Email, Call, Skype and WhatsApp as standard business operations.

We hope to have your complete support and understanding with this recent development in our mode of operations. We wish good health upon your family and loved ones.

The Botman Team