Project Limelight joins hands with Botman to provide fraud free traffic to its partners

03 September 2020, Bangalore, India – Today ProjectLimelight, a fast growing Global oRTB platform based out of UK announced it's partnership with Botman, the #1 SaaS platform for AdTech FraudVerification.


This integration enables Project Limelight and it’s partners to monitor and optimize the quality of their traffic sources for invalid/fake traffic (IVT), bot attacks, malware traffic, domain spoofing, viewability issues, brand safety.

NewAge frauds have a significant trust impact on the clients. Botman provides strong verification for the frauds which include.

  1. Fake Traffic
  2. Bot attacks
  3. Domain Spoofing
  4. Viewability
  5. Brand Safety

AdFraud has been increasingly affecting the advertisers, and Project Limelight has been on a mission to find the best ways to mitigate and make their platform as the best choice to transact traffic.

Identifying and blocking fraud is imperative to retain high quality demand in a oRTBPlatform like Project Limelight, says “Deepankar Biswas, CEO Botman”. Increased transparency in the supply chain ensures the partners increase their budgets and have a longer commitment to offer.

David Nelson, Founder and CEO of ProjectLimelight, says,
“Our industry must continue to keep our guard up against IVT. Through integration with leading IVT scanners we can offer our clients the tools they need to cleanup the supply that comes through our systems. Our partnership with Botman allows our clients to achieve this through an affordable and high quality solution that integrates well with our own platform, making it far easier to deliver clean, IVT free supply.”  
Deepankar Biswas, Founder & CEO of Botman, says,
“Integrating with Project Limelight gives us an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in providing Digital AdFraud Detection solutions for enterprise level platforms such as ProjectLimelight and the multiple classes of companies that depend on them.  

We set the standard for ease and speed of deployment, ease of use, functional depth, end user adoption, cost effectiveness in both initial acquisition and ownership over time, and overall ROI. Botman delivers on the promise of Ad Fraud Detection. We are extremely pleased to be partnering and working with such a world-class organization in Project Limelight.” 

ABOUT Project Limelight

ProjectLimelight is a leading oRTB trading platform formed in 2019 by a group of individuals who have been at the forefront of oRTB trading. It offers a user friendly UI and robust reporting methods allowing clients to trade without limits For more information, please visit:

ABOUT Botman 

Botman is the #1 SaaS AdTech FraudVerification Platform. It serves Ad Platforms, Ad Networks, Brands andPublishers that depend on them. Organizations of all sizes use Botman to transform existing Ad data into actionable information that drives profitability and customer satisfaction. Botman is an online, easy to deploy and cost effective. It enhances the visibility at every level of the enterprise. For more information, please visit: