Total Media Venture partners with Botman to counter Advertising Frauds

On 11th September 2019, we took an imperative step forward and partnered with Total Media Ventures to prevent Ad Fraud.

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Total Media Ventures, a technology company based in Dubai, has announced it will partner with software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform Botman, to block ad fraud.

Botman’s detection software has been deployed across all platforms at Total Media Ventures to provide high-quality analytics, measurement and fraud prevention solutions for its clients, says the company.

“Advertisers these days resort to online advertising to generate business. But, is the money spent on these advertisements reaching the right audience?” asks Total Media Ventures in a release.
“There are many instances of advertising fraud, in which the advertisers pay for something that is misrepresented and an ineffective ad placement.”
Taha Kazmi, co-founder of Total Media Ventures

Taha Kazmi, co-founder of Total Media Ventures, said:

“With our growing need to evolve our platform and the quality of our offering, our partnership with Botman is the latest in a series of initiatives we’ve taken to create a safe and effective environment for our clients’ brands and their investments.”

Deepankar Biswas, co-founder and CEO of Botman, said:

“Our new customer win with Total Media Ventures further demonstrates our position as the market leader in providing digital ad fraud  detection solutions to ad platforms and the multiple classes of companies that depend on them. We set the standard for ease and speed of deployment, ease of use, functional depth, end-user adoption, cost effectiveness in both initial acquisition and ownership over time, and overall ROI.”

Total Media Ventures specializes in driving new consumers to business with performance marketing. The company says it is committed to creating high awareness and engagement for brands with its affiliate partners.

Total Media Ventures says its key marketing strategy is to understand the unique requirements of customers and help advertisers achieve their goals in digital marketing by designing advanced, tailor-made strategies. It serves as a strategic partner to enterprise and mid-sized companies across many industries in MENA. Its customers include global brands such as General Motors, Ford, Abbott, Citibank, Ipsos , Nissan, Pepsi, HP and Mercedes.