What is BotMan

A Cloud based Online Ad Fraud Detection Platform which helps detect Invalid Ad Traffic, Leads and classifies them. It helps Mitigate Risk, Clean Traffic Sources & Suppliers, Improve Quality of Ad Traffic & Leads, and thereby Improves Revenues.



Identifies SPAM, BotNetworks and fraudulent Traffic


Identifies Fake IP’s, Fake Devices, Fake Sources, Abnormal Traffic Patterns


Invalid Lead Scoring System – A scoring system for Invalid & Suspect Leads


Multiple user login support


Simple set-up with instant activation

pricingPackage based pricing


What do you get

Key Benefits

Traffic analysis with classification on Valid and Invalid traffic

Traffic Source Analysis

Lead Score for every Invalid & Suspect Lead

Datasets based on Landing page URL’s, Domain, Referrer Information, UTM Sources & Mediums, Page Level Classifications

Clean your Traffic generation efforts with suppliers

Reduce Lead calling time and improve Conversion Rates

Optimize your media planning efforts

Move your spends to better pages to increase your ROI

Set your Traffic cleanliness standards with suppliers