The Great XML PPC Clicks Spoof!

We continue our series on XML PPC Ads for ad networks and platforms and would like to share a very common method used to send fake clicks to your advertisers. The clicks will never convert, nor will they give you a reasonable bounce rate for branding.

When the XML Ads are requested from respective sources, the fraud can happen in one of the following ways-

1. The Invisible Source Fraud

The sources who intend to make the request are hiding in a cross-domain iFrame on a reputed website and send in a set of "pre-cooked" keywords at the time of their disposal. The ads sent to them are then consequentially down in the dumps with clicks generated on them.

2. The Click Syndicator Fraud

Once a source receives the XML Ads, an injected malware on the user's machine fetches the URLs, syndicates them, and hundreds of clicks start coming in a regulated pattern to your advertiser. The poor guy won't even know what hit him and the next thing he does is shout back at the network which delivered.

If you deal in XML PPC Ads and are worried about your advertisers screaming at you and willing to shoot you down with discrepancies; ACT NOW...!

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