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Botman FraudFirewall is used to score and validate incoming clicks and redirect them to an external server / domain. It provides filter URLs to be given to the affiliate/publisher.


The filter URLs can be used by Brands to give out to their affiliates/publishers to ensure clean clicks on their web properties.


  1. ZERO Integration.
  2. Instantly enabled.
  3. Specially made for the Marketing Team.
  4. You decide and control which campaign links to be scored and filtered.
  5. Clicks are scored and filtered before they reach your digital properties.
  6. Clean GA Statistics / Any other tool stats.
  7. Allow Comscore ranking traffic
  8. Allow Google Analytics ranking traffic
  9. Disallow pure bots/Data center traffic
  10. Disallow Click flooding and many more.
  11. Affiliates/Publishers are still billed as per your original Analytics tool.
  12. Real-time dashboards.
  13. You need not to score your Organic and Direct traffic.
  14. Enable/Disable on any affiliate or Publisher you like.

Scoring & Validation Flow

Integration (Just define the campaign link)

At your end, the integration effort will be zero as you just need to provide us the exact publisher/affiliate URLs and we would wrap them with Botman Filter URLs and send them back to you.

For Example, if you want to promote

The URL to be given to affiliates becomes (Just prefix our URL to it)

**103xx - Please get in touch with your account manager to get your business id.

Data Available in Dashboard

  1. UTM Source, Medium, Content, Term wise breakdown
  2. Source wise Suspicion numbers and reasons
  3. User Device Info
  4. Browser Info
  5. Geo Info
  6. Emulator Info

Incase you have any queries on the above you can always refer the Basic FAQs here or reach out to us at

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